Annual Christmas Poem

Every year at Christmas, I write a silly poem to include with our Christmas cards that tells people about what has happened that year...but this year has been a really tough year. How in the world can I make living in my own personal hell with no money, no job, and a kid 700 miles away sound like a good thing? <shakes head> It boggles the imagination.

I write one of those dreaded Christmas newsletters every year. One year I skipped when things were awful, and I was told by everyone how much they missed knowing what was going on in our lives since we live across the country from extended family.

Anyway, it is tough to think up good things, while also being honest about the challenges. Keeping a balance in a newsletter (or poem) is HARD! When I don't have much good to say about my past year, I fill things in with pet news (we've always had enough pets that SOMETHING is worth writing about). it is (in all its corny glory)

Ode to Christmas 2013

It’s Christmas, again, and we’re all very glad

To tell you the stories we’ve created, egad!

Our biggest news-worthy event for this year

Is our move to Oklahoma (here’s where you cheer)

Our cozy Cape Cod needs lots of work

But our landlords are thrilled, having Kirk is a perk.

With hammers apounding and saws buzzing bright

Most weekends become renovation delight

Kirk is working for Milex Complete Auto Care

And Mr. Transmission also is there

With the job and the house, there’s no time for art

But we’re plotting and planning to prepare for that part.

Kelly is playing “house mom” for now

Psoriatic Arthritis has delivered a POW!

Starting a job is on the condition

Of whether or not she can get in remission

Annemarie, Danny and the grandkids are great!

We’ll see them at Christmas, I just can’t wait

To spend time as “Grandma” and give hugs and kisses

And to magically fulfill all of their wishes

Dakota, a senior, is still down in Pharr

Studying, playing W.O.W. and he still plays guitar

He’ll take a year off after his graduation

Then Fine Arts in college, he’ll get an ovation!

Hunter is singing in the school choir

Music, for him, has started a fire

Fine Arts is a blast, but Engineering’s the future

For a kid who loves math, it’ll be an adventure!

So now is the part where I write something insightful

About how God has kept us from becoming too frightful

Although we face struggles that we’ve never fought

Christmas stands to remind us of all that He’s taught

Peace, Love and Truth with respect for each other

Is how we’ll get through every storm that we weather

No matter what challenges get in our way

Walking with God, we’ll embrace every day

LOVE your poem!!

You're more creative than I am :)

Took me all stinking day to get it done...and I've changed a line since I posted it...the theology just wasn't quite right :)

I used to sit down and write really good poetry in no time at all, but for some reason I seem to have a brain block these days. I blame it on the PsA and meds! (It is NOT old age - at least I keep telling myself that!)

I love it!!!

I had lost my faith this year and I just found it again last week. It's wonderful to be reminded that I am not the only person in my position. :)

Your poem just goes to prove I never should have lost it in the first place. The funniest thing brought me back... My daughter Beth, the youngest who gave up God years ago, had a Christian station playing on her car radio. Never thought that would happen in a million years. Miracles really do happen .every day in every way. Thanks timberwolf329.

Sorry you are sad to be away from those around you. I won't see six of my eight grands and 4 of my kids this holiday season as funding for everyone does not exist, but they are right here in this grams heart every minute of everyday and I know yours are in yours as well. keep on keepin' on XXXX

That was excellent! Informative, but not too heavy.

Welcome to Oklahoma!

You did pick the worst time to come, don't let it get you down. The worst time of the year is often interrupted with beautiful days. I moved here from sunny southern CA in 76 as a kid and now live here voluntarily. This is a special place where time slows down and friends are good. I hope you find that to be true, and soon.