An ironic twist of fate

So, as many of you know, my sister has two types of Leukemia. After many tests and tribulations, we discovered our other sister is a match and they will be having a bone marrow transplant next week (yay!!). I was online researching about the procedure and to get an idea of recovery times only to find out that she will have to take Methotrexate after her surgery and be on immuno-supressant meds for the rest of her life (just like me - thus the ironic part). So, yet again, the information gained on our discussion boards in our support group are reaching beyond our online world and will be helping my sister adjust as well. Thanks for all your words of support and shared knowledge.

What a twist indeed!

Best wishes for everybody's healthy recovery.


Best wishes to you and your family!

My prayers are with you all. I often marvel at how most of my negative experiences in life turn out to be helpful in one way or another along my journey.

Wow...that is good news about match and upcoming transplant and ironic about the drugs!!! Good to know she can count on you for lots of support and knowledge! Good luck to everyone!