Amazing Video

You just gotta watch this:

Its taken since 1965 but Richard Day finally bowled his 300 game. Aside fro taking 48 years to reach a goal, something else you need to know about Richard as you watch, it might not be immediately apparent that his his neck and spine are totally fused from Ankylosing Spondylitis a very special gift some of us PsA folk also get.. If you haven't visited Spondyville (Where all the women are stiff, the men are bent over and the children are on anti-inflammatories) you really must. Home of the fusers.

Congratulations to Richard! See dreams do come true! I love it, he reached his dream despite some set backs. This gives me hope, thank you for this Lamb. He moves just like me!

An inspiration!

A good role model for those of us dealing with chronic pain.