Accupuncture and Hoola Hoops

I bumped into my acupuncturist at lunch. She's a wonderful woman and wasn't the least bit bothered that I didn't recognize her. I think I have a mental deficiency in being able to recognize faces. It isn't even that I can't match a name, rather that I don't even know whether I have met the person before. Anyway, I digress.

I told her that I had been thinking about coming back to see her to discuss my PsA and whether acupuncture might me a useful treatment. She told me that she, too, had been diagnosed a few years ago. She's quite the "earth mother" type and I mean that with no judgment whatsoever. She's a natural born healer and you know that and feel it just from being around her. In fact, I admire people like her as I think they're often in tune to things that many of us don't quite understand how to connect to. I should mention that I was referred to her for treatment many years ago by my GP who happens to be one of her best friends from childhood and is also a physician who embraces the "whatever works" philosophy.

Again, I digress. My acupuncturist told me in our brief conversation while we were waiting for sushi that she had refused treatment for her PsA. She did not want to take MTX--as many of us don't--but she needed to do something to help her hands. As you can imagine, being an acupuncturist she needs fully functioning fingers to be able to work. So she researched all kinds of options for movement and exercises that would keep her hands and fingers limber. She ended up opting for Hoola Hooping and she joined a local troupe called the Hudscucker Posse. She uses two hoops so she's constantly working on her hands and fingers. And, I have to say, she looks FANTASTIC!

I'm glad that I live in a town that has such interesting and perhaps eccentric people. The video I've embedded should start with my acupuncturist friend Jennifer spinning two hoops during a performance of the troupe at "Lotus Fest", a multi-day event hosted in our town celebrating world music and featuring acts from all over the globe. In addition to the performance "tents" and venues around town, the organizers welcome local groups, like the Hudscuker Posse, to venture into the streets to entertain the crowds.

Not sure if hooping is my thing. But I thought it was an interesting option for keeping limber!

Very cool! A friend of mine is really into hooping, and I actually purchased a nicely weighted hoop from her. I may need to try it again in the warmer weather. It's definitely an outdoor thing.