Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

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Seizures and PA. Does anyone have this problem?

What to do when all biologics have failed?

I have been on embrel since August I have flare ups about every 2 months. I go to the emergency room when that happens. I wait until the pain is bad enough so I can’t stand it anymore longer. I started out using humera on it for 3 months, didn’t work. Dr put me on embrel and celebrex. It all helps but not all the time. I am now looking for another Dr.

Recently retired from the fire service and with passed stressful weather events (Hurricane Irma) in Sept 17, I have had a lot of negative events in my life. Have been dealing with mild psoriasis since my late 20’s and now, a few years away from 60, I have had PsA symptoms for the last two years. As I said earlier, recent inactivity and stress I believe has exasperated both my psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. I have a appointment the a rheumatologist in about 6 weeks (soonest I could get in). Limited resources here in the Florida Keys. I have researched a few of the treatments and going to hopefully try Enbrel. Long story looking for advice on Enbrel, and/or holistic alternatives to traditional treatments. Thanks ahead of time for anybody reading and or responding to my rant.

Try to educate myself.

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I have been suffering with PSA for two years. I have had psoriasis all my life,but now i have both. Because of the pandemic I am unable to see a doctor to get xrays on my lower back. I have PSA/ Psoriasis there. the pain is very severe at times especially when the weather changes. I am using over the counter drugs for pain, PSA and psoriasis, a d so far it has helped some. I do not know if anyone has both like I do, but if you do what kind of over the counter stuff do you use for both.? PSA/Psoriasis has disabled me for life,I collect SSDI, and my wife does to. We are trying to find a grant to purchase a handicap van, but I see no resources for getting one. I can drive thank God, but with a handicap van it will make it easier for me and my wife to go back, and forth to the store once a month, and pay bills. we have a car, but it hurts so bad getting in and out of it. please give us some ideas on what we can do make both our lives easier to live

I have found that all sedans are horrible if pain and mobility issues exists. I drive a Toyota RAV4 and a Nissan truck. Get away from the low car and get something that allows you to just sit down or stand up to access. Unless you need a handicap van for a wheelchair, they might be difficult as you have to step up and into. A small suv works great for us!