A Bad Day

I have to say, if you've never witnessed a grand mal seizure, you're lucky, because it is a horrible thing to see happen to anyone--especially a loved one.

My husband was perfectly fine this morning until 11:45 he grabbed his chest and told me he suddenly felt weird. I was asking him what, do you feel like fainting? Or does your chest hurt? Within seconds he was in a grand mal seizure! It was so bad! Luckily he was in his easy chair, but the seizure went on about 12 minutes and he fell out of the chair and was bleeding from his mouth. I didn't know if he was going to live or die!

Obviously I called 911 within seconds of it starting and they arrived just as the seizure was ending but he was completely disoriented and combative and had to be restrained in the ambulance.

He's in the hospital now. He had one seizure before--6 years ago and had been on anti-convulsants up until spring of 2014. Lately he had mentioned he had a couple weird auras but I never thought he'd have another seizure.

He's on many meds from bp meds, statins, gout meds, lasix, asthma/copd meds, plaquenil, occasional prednisone, tylenol, and maybe more--I'm sure I'm missing some. He is morbidly obese. High anxiety. I hope his doctors do whatever it takes to get him in better health. No amount of encouragement or nagging from me has helped! I just know he could be healthier if he tried a little.

Thinking of you both and hoping today's a better day and the docs are getting him on the road to recovery. Maybe this will help show him some healthy lifestyle changes are needed and can't be put off any longer. Let us know how you're both doing.

Oh Grandma J, that sounds very frightening! I hope your husband makes a good recovery, and you don’t have too much more worry.

GrandmaJ, I am so sorry and my heart goes out to you! Sending you hugs!! There is nothing worse than seeing someone make poor choices except being there for the moments those choices make their damage arise. I am sure this episode was probably just as scary for him maybe even more and He is lucky to have such aa stoic lady on his side. Keep us updated when you can we are always 100% here for you!!

I’m so sorry about this. I hope that he is doing better today, and that you are well also.

I am sorry this is happening. I hope he responds well to whatever the doctors decide. I will be thinking and praying for both of you.

Thank you all for your very kind words and prayers. I'm on my way to the hospital now and will let you know how things are going. I would like to look up his meds and see if some of them are seizure "triggers". He stopped taking Tramadol 6 years ago when he had the first seizure.
I'm okay and thanking God -- this could have been worse -- he babysits our 9-month old grandson alone 1 day a week while I'm at work. I feel like we have a guardian angel on our side. The baby was with us yesterday and luckily I had taken him from Dave 10 minutes before the seizure happened!

GrandmaJ, I’m so sorry. You and your family are very much in my thoughts.

Thank you, Seenie....he had a lot of tests and is home from the hospital now. He's on a seizure med, Kepra, which he had taken for 4 years after the first seizure. He'll be on it the rest of his life now. How life can throw us curve balls.......

Seenie said:

GrandmaJ, I'm so sorry. You and your family are very much in my thoughts.

Time to relax and wind down, GrandmaJ. Take good care.

I know, Seenie, but it is hard to relax in this busy life. I do feel like I get as much relaxation as I need, though.

The law in our state, MN, is if you have a seizure the doctor is required to report it to the state and your driver's license is revoked for 3 months. So Dave is imprisoned here with his TV--he has almost all the channels and he enjoys watching TV most of the time, anyway. Someone mentioned I should quit my job and I almost blew my cork! I'm just not ready to do that! I'm so lucky to have a part-time job I love and only 20 hours a week! My supervisors are so flexible, too, the one told me not to worry about a schedule and basically said I can come and go as needed for Dave's appointments, etc.!

I'm just hoping the Plaquenil and gout med he's taking will prevent any further joint flare-ups. His are severe and look much worse than mine have. I'm not sure having less swelling means there's less pain. Does anybody know the answer to that?

We'll try to stay positive. There's a really good weight loss program at the hospital he's gonna join. Hopefully, that'll be the start of something really good. Maybe it's time to take some "before" pics!

Seenie said:

Time to relax and wind down, GrandmaJ. Take good care.

Hope things improve soon for you and your family GrandmaJ.

Glad to hear no serious damage was done, except for probably scaring the heck out of you guys! Hopefully he can take advantage of the programs they offered and the meds continue to help. Try to take some extra time when you can since its pretty common to be able to handle it all in the midst of s crisis but can weigh heavy soon after. Hoping for the best for you!

Sounds like there's a new road ahead for your hubster--and you. Not being able to drive might feel like punishment but the weight-loss program might offer an avenue where he can hang out and get fitter, too! Take some time for yourself to catch your breath Grandma J. No flares, OK?

Thanks, janeatiu, I sure hope he sees this as a wake-up call. His dependence on me makes life just a "little" more challenging--it would sure be easier if he could pull his own weight and help me out some. It's hugely disappointing he isn't able to keep all the promises he made about helping around the house once he retired last May. Some of his health issues might be out of his control, but I think a lot of it is that he doesn't live healthy--he desperately needs to diet and exercise, or he'll just continue to be unwell. It's extremely hard to live with a person who is so self destructive. :-( I'm surprised this doesn't cause a flare for me!

Thanks, ouch and Rachael!

I noticed his memory has been affected by the seizure. He's been confused about a few events since the seizure Monday, and I hope it's just a temporary brain fog or something. It could be a SE from the new med, Kepra.

I will take care of myself but so worried about leaving him home alone next week--he insists I don't cancel my trip now, though.

Grandmaj, he does sound like a stubborn man, very independent but yet soo dependent at the same time. Can one of the other kids at least drop by and check on him daily? That would give you a price of mind so you can enjoy yourself.

grandma J, I’m thinking of you and your husband, and sending well wishes your way. How terrifying for you to witness such a thing!

Thanks, Aspyn. Yes, terrifying to witness but I can't imagine how he must feel not knowing if or when there will be another one! I'd be a basket case with worry if that was me! We're arranging for our daughter and his brother to visit him while I'm gone next week, and he's on a good med to prevent more seizures, but I'm still wishing this trip could be delayed!

Rachael, you know how it is!!!! ;-)